Conversion to 48v that offers you 45% more power.
  • Conversion to 48v that offers you 45% more power.

Monorim Pack U5 Non Pro Air (includes a 500w Air motor)


Top speed with high torque: 50 to 55km per hour


- One 500w Air motor with tubeless air tires rated at 500w power (requires monorim front suspension)

- A 14400mah battery with 25ah BMS

- Charger for the 48v 3A battery

- An xtech brake caliper

- 120mm brake disc

- A 48v controller.

-A HDC bottom cap with high efficiency heat dissipation

Conversion to 48v that offers you 45% more power.

Upgrade your electric scooter to 48v for higher performance by installing a 500w Air motor with tubeless air tire on your scooter.

Upgrading your electric scooter with a 48v motor kit has several advantages, including:

1. Higher speed: By increasing engine power, you will be able to reach higher speeds with your electric scooter.

2. Greater climbing capacity: The 48v motor will allow you to climb slopes more easily and without losing speed.

3. Greater efficiency: A more powerful engine will offer you stronger results and higher performance.

4. Better performance: With a 48v motor kit, your electric scooter will perform better in terms of acceleration and response, making it more fun and exciting to ride.

5. Less wear: A more powerful motor will not have to work as hard to move the electric scooter, which will reduce wear on the engine and other components of the vehicle.

In short, upgrading your electric scooter with a 48v motor kit can significantly improve its performance and give you a more exciting and efficient riding experience.


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