Add a second 500w motor to your electric scooter.
  • Add a second 500w motor to your electric scooter.

Monorim Dual52 Max (includes a 500w motor)


It includes a nominal 500w motor, by adding this power to your Monorim 500w motor you will reach 1000w or more.

Includes engine cover kit with disc brake.

Top speed with high torque: 60 to 65km per hour

You can choose which engine to use: front engine, rear engine or both engines at the same time (AWD model)

Includes two 48v controllers.

Add a second 500w motor to your electric scooter.

This is the Dual52 Max monorim upgrade kit to be able to add a second motor to your Pack U5 kit. Once the second motor is added you can enjoy 1000w of power on your electric scooter.

Installing a second motor on your electric scooter can have several advantages, including:

1. More power: With two motors, your electric scooter can generate more power, allowing you to climb steep hills, reach higher speeds and accelerate faster.

2. Better performance on uneven terrain: By having two motors, your electric scooter can distribute power more effectively on uneven terrain, allowing you to maintain speed and stability.

3. Higher energy efficiency: With two motors, your electric scooter can work more efficiently, which can increase battery life and reduce operating costs.

4. Better safety: Electric scooters with two motors usually have greater stability, which can increase the safety of the user.


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