Steering damper

Steering damper

Here you will find different models of steering dampers for your vehicle.

The steering damper is an important component in many vehicles, especially motorcycles and some all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). Its main function is to reduce vibrations and oscillations that can occur in the handlebars due to road irregularities, potholes, or when maneuvering at high speeds.

This device is generally located on the steering column, between the handlebars and the chassis of the vehicle. It works by absorbing and dissipating the energy generated when the handlebar experiences vibrations or shocks, thus helping to maintain the stability and control of the vehicle. This is particularly useful on motorcycles where balance is essential for the rider's safety.

The steering damper can be hydraulic or mechanical, and its adjustment is usually variable to adapt to the driver's preferences or terrain conditions. In short, it aims to improve maneuverability and stability by reducing the amount of vibrations and jerking transmitted to the handlebars, making riding safer and more comfortable.

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